Trading Platforms

Account Types and Services

At Global Futures, we service all types of accounts including retail accounts, IBs, CTAs, CPOs, Broker-Dealers and Foreign Brokers.  Here are just a few of our available account types and services.  For complete information our different account types, contact a broker in our office directly.  Click here to contact us today!

Foreign Consultant Services

Global Futures offers complete Foreign Consultant services.  A few of the things we offer with this service are: Real-Time "Marked-to-the-Market" risk management, Professional and Personalized service, Multilingual Technical Support (we speak more than 20 languages!), Online Customer Statements and Equity Runs, Experienced Support Staff, Full Marketing and Advertising Support, Direct Floor Access for Qualified Accounts, Competitive Commission Rates, Multiple Trading Platforms, Free LIVE Simulated Trading Accounts, Automated Systems Trading, 24-hour* In-House Technical Support and Order Desk, Lead Generation Program, Website Development, and a Complete Turn-Key Operation.

To learn more about our Foreign Consultant services or to get started, click here.

*Our in-house technical support and order desk are available Sunday 1:00 PM - Friday 3:00 PM Pacific Time.  The availability of our other departments in our office varies.  You may contact us directly to inquire about department availability.

Futures Trading Accounts

Self-Directed Deep Discount Accounts
Our Self-Directed Deep Discount service is designed to meet the needs of the commodity trader who makes his or her own trading decisions. The most important things to these individuals are efficient, accurate and friendly service. A trader in this category must understand the need to regularly monitor the markets, apply their own trading techniques and keep abreast of margin requirements. Click here for more info.

Full Service Accounts
Our full service account offers the trader his or her own personal broker. The plan is designed for the trader who desires some assistance and communication with a broker. It includes all of the services you would expect from a leading brokerage company. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, a full service account may be for you. Click here for more info.

Automated Trading System Accounts
Are you too busy to trade your own account? Do you need the freedom to come and go as you please, without being tied to your computer? Then Automated Trading may be the solution you are looking for!  Click here for more info.

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Accounts

Forex Trading
Global Futures is pleased to offer forex trading to our customers. The foreign exchange is the world's largest market and has been available to traders since 1999. This exciting and relatively new global market offers opportunities which are unavailable in other categories, thus making it more appealing to traders of levels and types. Click here for more info.