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Futures Margins - RCG / Wedbush (KCG/Knight) / Cunningham Accounts

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WEDBUSH Margin Alert - July 6, 2016
Due to recent extreme volatility Wedbush is increasing margins in Gold and Silver products by 100%. This measure of protection will be in place until stable markets return. 

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Margins - Currencies
Contract Symbol Exchange Full Margin Day Margin
Australian Dollar 6A CME $1980 $675
British Pound 6B CME $3805 $900
Canadian Dollar 6C CME $1595 $500
E-Mini Euro FX E7 CME $1842 $500
Euro FX Currencies 6E CME $3685 $900
Japanese Yen 6J CME $3245 $900
E-Micro AUD/USD M6A CME $198 $150
E-Micro GBP/USD M6B CME $280 $132
E-Micro Euro/USD M6E CME $368 $150
New Zealand Dollar 6N CME $2090 $1350
Swiss Franc 6S CME $3960 $400
US Dollar Index DX-M ICE $2200 $850

Margin Restrictions and Additional Information

Posted margins valid up to 50 contracts (retail accounts only).  The day trading margins on these contracts is $1,000 for 50 to 100 contracts.  Trading more than 100 contracts requires additional margin.

Please note: If your account is on a margin call from the previous day's close of business, day trading margins will not be available for the next day.

The margins listed on this page are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time without notice.  Please consult your broker or our margin department if you need to verify the margin requirement.

Margins may differ according to your clearing firm.  Please consult your broker to confirm the current margins for your account.