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Self-Directed Deep Discount Trading Accounts  |  Minimum Balance - $0*

Our Self-Directed Deep Discount service is designed to meet the needs of the commodity trader who makes his or her own trading decisions. The most important things to these individuals are efficient, accurate and friendly service. A trader in this category must understand the need to regularly monitor the markets, apply their own trading techniques and keep abreast of margin requirements. The discount trading program can be modified to suit your individual needs. Some investors may prefer to make their own trading decisions and simply use our discount brokerage services to place orders and ensure they are properly executed on the floor. Our qualified discount customers can place orders directly with the floor or with their broker who in turn sees that they are properly executed.

Our low commission may attract traders, but it is the quality and professionalism of our service that keeps them with Global Futures. We discount commissions, not service.

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*Accounts with $0 minimum balance are eligible for paper trading online. For actual live trading, you must fund your account with the minimum deposit for your particular account type. For more information regarding minimum deposits, please contact our office directly.

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