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Request for Authorization for $300 Day Trading Margins

Please read the additional risk disclosure document below before continuing.

Requesting for day trading margins does not indicate a customers trading activity will be more profitable and/or losses will be limited. Customer acknowledges the high degree of risk involved in commodity futures and options trading are not decreased by having liberal day-trading margins, nor does it guarantee or assume that the customer will make a profit and/or limit his/her losses. You should not request for this promotional item unless you agree that it is suitable for you. Exchange minimum margins for overnight trading apply. Margins are subject to change without notice. Please consult your broker for more detailed information. After being placed on $300 Day Trading Margins, if you would like to cancel, you must bring your account up to $2,000 and contact your broker for confirmation. The $300 day trading margins are only valid on select platforms. The margins are only valid for up to 25 lots for clients in the U.S./Canada and up to 10 lots for clients outside of the U.S. IDEM excluded. Clients are still responsible for all monthly subscription fees.  RCG clearing only.

I have read and understand the disclaimer above. I would like to continue.
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