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Please note: Testimonials regarding past performance are no guarantee of future results and may not be representative of the experience of all clients. There is a substantial risk in trading futures, options, and forex.

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Not only do they have the best margins in the business their customer service far exceeds other brokerage houses. Shout out especially to my personal agents: Mason and Vinny.

-Rex H.

Received World Class Customer Support from Rick Kontra prior to submitting my application to open a new Trading account. Exchanged several email conversations with Rick and he is Professional and possesses good knowledge of all the products/platforms of Global Futures... A big thanks to Duy Hoang, who graciously created demo accounts for me. Global Futures should be proud to have such staff under its roof. Thank you all.

-M. Syed

I want to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all of your help and guidance. You are among the best service representatives I have ever worked with. Prompt, professional and easy-going. My experience with Global Futures is extremely positive. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people. Thank you once again.

-Francesco B.

[I] have had many different trading accounts and platforms with different companies, and I must say that Global Futures is the best!! They have several platforms to choose from, and you can pick the one that best suits your trading style and personality. In addition to a great company, Mason C. is definitely the best rep I have ever had: he is responsive, accomodating, and caring. I highly recommend Mason and Global Futures to anyone looking for a trading company.

-Barbara F.

At every opportunity Global has been prompt,courteous and utterly professional in their response. What more could traders want from a broker.I will simply not trade with anyone else.

-George B.

I have been trading at Global Futures for awhile now and I wanted to let you know that Michelle Jimenez, my broker rep is doing a great job, every time I have a problem or I want to add to my account or make a change she is right there with an answer, I never have to wait long for her to respond to my e-mails, she takes of business right away, I really am happy with the service, you hear alot of guys complain about brokers service but you guys do a great job. Thank You.

-Mike W.

I have been working with Global Futures for about a year. I couldn't ask for a better set of people to work with. My broker Mason Ching has been without a question the best person I have ever worked with at any of the brokerage firms I have dealt with over the last 40 years. I have been in and out of over a dozens brokerage houses over time... It may have taken me 40 years to find the best but luckily I have gotten there. Thank all of you at Global Futures for doing such a great job.

-George L.

I've been a happy Global client for 5+ years now. They have a great array of platforms, good clearing options, low trading costs, and most of all great customer service. Their account reps and technical staff will answer your questions/concerns immediately and go the extra mile to help you with even the simplest thing, no matter how big or small your account is. Ask for Rick Kontra...

-Jonathon O.

I've been with Global for over 5 years. They have speedy customer service and they know what they are doing. They keep their employees because they stick with it and bloom into professionals unlike other companies that get high turnover rate. I Would never switch to any other futures company. Hearing them answer the phone Global futures can I help you is like hearing the words ....welcome home trader...this is it.

-Brent G.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank [Marcus] personally for all of [his] help and guidance. [Marcus is] among the best service representatives I have ever worked with. Prompt,courteous, professional and easy-going. My experience with Global Futures is extremely positive. Fantastic service. I can't belive that such woundrful service is still around in today's competitive world. I would not hesitate to recommend [Marcus] to other people. Thank you once again.

-J. Patel

Nick Iranossian has been indispensable to me and my trading throughout my time with Global. No matter how small the matter about which I may contact him, he responds immediately, addresses the matter promptly, and always makes me feel as though I am important and that no matter is too trivial. As with my trading friends, I am often courted by other futures trading companies. Nick is the primary reason I never give them a thought. Global is, indeed, fortunate to have someone of Nick's caliber in their employ.

-Patricia B.

The customer service at GF is top notch. Any issues, or questions that I have had is taken care of and resolved right away. Someone is always available to help and Michelle is extremely prompt... I would recommend GF to anyone.

-Matthew S.

Global Futures' customer service is amazing! I would like to thank you, Nick, for your assistance with getting me started with my first trading experience. I have so much appreciated your professionalism and prompt responses to all of my emails... I will never hesitate to recommend Global Futures, especially Nick, to my family or friends.

-Shakela M.

The service and attention I have gotten with Global has been outstanding. Trade execution has been excellent. I have used them as my broker for over 12 years. My broker Vinny always returns my phone calls promptly, the Tech Desk and Trade Desk are always there to anwer any questions, and the overall service I would rate as top class. I have been with Global for over 12 years and can definitely recommend them as an excellent broker.

-John D.

Mason Ching is an incredible broker. No matter how big or small my accounts are he always treats me with dignity and respect and speed. I always look forward to working with him while I grow my business and couldn't be happier with such a fast, diligent, and competent broker.

I highly recommend Mason Ching to other CTAs, Traders, Clients and Institutions. In my years in Futures, I have never dealt with someone more ethical and precise and dedicated to their job…

Mason is a fine example of what a Broker SHOULD be. Refreshing to say the least.

-W. Guzman

I would like to say THANK YOU to Mr. Kuzel, who [is] my key contact... [at] Global Futures. His approach [is] very proactive and [his] reaction time [has been] extremely quick, always... I would recommend Mr. Kuzel.

-Michal K.

If you are are going to open a futures trading account, look no further than GLOBAL FUTURES. They are the best in the business...And if all of their representatives are as great as Nick Iranossian, then they have all of the best people in the business also ...Thank you for your great service.

-Michael S.

All the people at Global Futures have been outstanding, especially my broker Nick Iranossian. He was available at a moment's notice and had all the answers I needed. Futures trading can be stressful and more than a little intimidating, yet with Nick's help I navigated the process with hardly a bump.

-Thomas H.

Wow! My broker, Nick, was top notch! Customer service was impeccable. My broker was easy to get a hold of and always provided an answer. Regardless of account size, Nick [treated me as] a valued client. I would recommend Global Futures and Nick to friends, family, anyone!

-Matthew S.

As a full time trading Pro, having a desk as good as Global for backup (in case of internet crashes or other emergencies) has always far outweighed the trivial discount of going straight to any FCM. After more than 3 decades of trusting just trading -- to support my family of 5, buy a beautiful home in Boulder, send all 3 kids to college, and even be blessed to do some philanthropy -- I feel the guys at Global are simply the best.

-Dale S.

We are a CTA based in Bangkok, and needed to get an account set up as quickly as possible, with specific API needs. Although the compliance process was demanding (which is a good thing), we are happy that Global Futures makes all efforts to satisfy our needs and specific demands. Will recommend.

-Chris Z.

Cristina was great to work with. She handled everything quickly and professionally! I would recommend Global Futures to anyone!

-Jeff W.

Customer service had been great so far.

-Chad G.

I want to thank you and all the other Global employees. Every time I call, it is nothing like past experiences with *****, *****, *****, and some other brokers I've worked with over the years. I have never had an issue with any brokerage firm, although I know that some have handled some trades very improperly. Usually those same firms did not have very good customer communication policies. But with Global, I have a very confident feeling with every person I have talked to - very pleasant and very efficient, and most importantly very knowledgeable. It does not get much better than that.

-Robert B.

Through the whole process of opening my training account to opening my real trading account your staff was excellent and very professional. They didn't treat me any different whether I had money in my account or not and they always ended by saying 'if you have any further problems or questions just call us back'. It is very refreshing to deal with people who really care. Thanks.

-Larry B.

I think you guys are do great job and the recent enhancements to Turbo 2 are really useful. You give me tools I didn't know I needed!

-Adam D.

Your service and customer care is outstanding, and your products are exactly as you describe them. I would not hesitate to recommend you guys to my friends. Thanks.

-Joseph N.

I would like to thank all of you in regards to your great customer support.

-Reza S.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zippy for all her help. I have never opened an international account. There is no way I would have been able to open this account with the limited time I had because I am leaving the country; not to mention all the mistakes I made. The amount of time Zippy contacted me was unbeliveable. She explained everything to me and made it possible for me to open this account before I left the country. I just want to thank Zippy for going out of her way so I can get started. THANK YOU ZIPPY FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND PROFESSIONALISM!

-H. Syed

Colgo l'occasione per complimentarmi per la rapidita' e la qualita' del servizio e per ringraziarla. Sono soddisfatto di Global Futures!

I would like to take this occasion to compliment the quickness and the quality of your service and to thank you. I’m completely satisfied with Global Futures.

-Pietro T.

The folks at GF have always been extremely helpful and courteous. It is great to call and have the phone picked up by a real live person in just a ring or two. No phone trees, just personalized service. The fee structure is good. Customer service is not just a buzz word for these folks, it is what they provide! Keep up the good work!


It is absolutely amazing the way that you serve your clients... I love Global Futures.

-Jaime D.

I wanted to take the time to express my sincere gratitude to Global Futures as a whole. Everyone there acts in such a way that you can't help but feel you are truly important to them. Any time I have called in, someone immediately has answered the phone and is ready to assist. Thanks to Rick Kontra for his follow-up.

-Igor T.

I found Arthur Levonyan (Night Desk/ Technical Support) to be extremely helpful, friendly and very professional in his approach, while answering my queries (chat). He was very patient with me and very courteous. I was VERY satisfied with the response and am looking forward to do business with Global Futures. People like Arthur who extend excellent customer (prospective) support are very valuable. Thanks much.


Global is responsive in customer service matters. No elite attitudes like huge brokerage firms who cater to institutions and not work at home day traders. E-mini margins are lowest in town.

-Brent G.

am very impressed with your service, the speed in which your entire company works and to a high standard also. Thank you for allowing me to paper trade for about nine months and now I am able to use a real trading account.

-Darren R.

Your service has been great! keep up the good work.

-Todd T.

My special thanks to Eileen Rodriguez and her team for the wonderful job they do. From account opening to trading problems, everything is taken care of promptly and effectively 24/7. It is a joy for me to work with Global because of such dedicated and talented people. All the best.

-F. Ahmed

You guys are simply the best in customer service.


Your entire support group have been outstanding in response to my needs.

-Charlie H.

I think the tech support staffs are excellent, because they are all very knowldgeable and helpful. It is really a pleasure to work with them. Please keep up the good work .

-Cindy S.

Service is absolutely excellent!

-Herm N.

I think that Global Futures is by far the very best brokerage firm available for retial accounts! For that reason I will continue trading with you.

-Jaime D.

Hello dear friends - Thank you to everyone in Global Futures. :) I got the best service ever. They were quick, keeping in touch with me all the times and I never knew is gonna be this easy :) Try it and you wont be disapointed. Thank you.


Mason C. is GREAT! From platform setup and continuing through the new account compliance process he has been there, to assist, without a hitch. I have already recommended a friend!

-Mary T.

This is a note of gratitude for your impeccable customer service. You have been very patient, when answering my questions. I could not have asked for better service in the past six months. Global Futures is the best because of people like you. Thank you.

-June H.

Hector was very helpful in coordinating quickly and accurately those items I had questions about. I would like to personal commend him on his quick response. Thank you.

-Don S.

Eileen Rodriguez & her trading team have all been exceptional in keeping me informed of my account. Their help has helped me immensley. I deeply appreciate their expertise.

-Joe D.

To whom it may concern, I want to complement you on having such a very professional staff. From my initial inquiry about your company through the filling out of the forms to the setting myself up on one of the many platforms you offer,your staff has been very profesional and caring.

-Ralph V.

I think the commentaries are very useful and the more information we get helps us individuals to make an informed decision as to what way the markets might go.

-Geoff G.

Recently I opened an account with your company and I want to declare that George Ghazarian from the first moment was very helpful for me. Each time that I have a question George Ghazarian was there for me with an answer. When I send him an e-mail with a question almost immediately George Ghazarian gave me the answer. Even though there is a huge distance between Greece and US George Ghazarian manage to fill that distance and make me feel like I was at US. I believe that George Ghazarian is a real asset for your company and you are very lucky to have him.

-Dimitrios K.

I just want to thank you for the way you train your brokers. Mason C. is a patient, kind and in a world of dishonesty-- breath of fresh air through his honesty and integrity. Although I do not generate large commissions, he treats me like I do. Keep up the good training.

-Barry M.

I would like to thank you for your patience and your dedication. Besides being courteous you are also extremely professional, enthusiastic and prompt with your service. Global Futures should be proud to have you on board because you are a true asset to them. I wish you continued success with Global Futures.

-S. Kapoor

I have worked with Laurent from the first day I started with [Automated trading systems]. Laurent helped me every step of the way to get my FXCM accounts setup... Laurent went far beyond my expectations... You are very lucky to have such a dedicated, service oriented employee. Laurent is my "go to person" as I know he will take ownership and see it through to the end.

-Paul W.

[James Kuzel] is truly the most popular U.S. broker in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, real hero in the trading community. You can read articles about him (and Global Futures) in There are dozens of thank you letters written by traders. I just want you to know you have one super broker helping effortlessly to non English-speaking traders!

-Vit D.

Ziporah is a very professional, amiable, pragmatic, respectful and friendly New Accounts Executive. The ability to be patient and listen are indeed rare communication virtues/skills that set her positively apart. She is the reason I proceeded to open an account with Global Futures.

-Olumuyiwa O.

I recently opened a new account and I was so impressed by the professionalism of all the support staff at Global Futures... Every person i spoke to or emailed with a question, responded quickly with a clear, concise and courteous answer. Just a great experience! Many thanks to Eileen and Hector!

-Mike K.

Finding Global Futures was the solution to all of my trading questions! From brokers to tech support, they've helped me very much... I definitely will be telling my friends to do business with GF.

-Jonathan E.

It's my personal experience that Global Futures is one of the best companies to deal with, especially my broker, George Ghazarian, who is exceptional at what he does. My experience so far has gone beyond my expectations and I'm really glad that I am trading with this company. I will definitely recommend this company to all my friends.

-Nirmeen M.

I want to take a moment to thank [Yendi]for all the assistance you provide whenever I call for help... Everyone I talk with at Global is always very cooperative and helpful... If I need to find an answer to a question I have, [Yendi] gets the answer and calls me back fast.

Simply put, I know if I bring a problem to you, I know you'll take care of it very quickly and very professionally. And I really appreciate that very much.

-William N.

The whole simulation and account process was easy and very accomodating. Staff, especially Nick and Marcus were very professional and treated the customer with dignity and respect. Back office was helpful, too. I would recommend Global Futures to anyone looking to trade the markets.

-Clifford B.

It was a pleasure to trade with Global Futures. I am very satisfied with support of Mr. Kuzel.

-V. Slachta

My experience with Global was wonderful and an excellent learning experience. I will return to global as soon as my funds are sufficient for trading the markets. I look forward to doing business with Global in the near future.

-C. Doty

I have had great service with Global Futures and would recommend it to anyone that is new to futures trading. Call and ask for Marcus. He has been more than helpful with any and all concerns and needs that I have had.

-Andrew M.

I just felt I should write to let management know what a fine rep. they have in George Ghazarian. As a relative new customer he has been more patient and more helpful than anyone would have a right to expect. Thanks to him and your tech staff, too, I feel that for the first time in my life I am becoming a successful trader with every prospect of remaining that way. Thank you Global Futures!

-Jack S.

You guys are great and quick. I am so fortunate to have been refered to you. I am looking forward to a long and great relationship.

-David W.

Patient company ... I made a few mistakes setting up the account. No worries. They stayed with me until it was done. Eileen Rodriquez was patient and helpful.

-Daryl B.

After I put money in my trading account, I traded with a platform that I came to love. My executions were spot on. They have all of the technical studies that I want. When I had questions, there was the online help which was 5 seconds away. If I put in a call, my broker Nick either picked up or called within 5 minutes. Finally, when i asked for my money back, the wire came right away, no questions asked. It can't get any better than that. I love the service. Global Futures is my futures broker.

-Stephen C.

Nick provided excellent customer service. I look for wide ranging knowledge of trading and company policies when I talk to firm reps and Nick had it.

-Gregory C.

Your customer support is second to none. After spending untold hours over the years with various customer support persons which seem to be located mostly in India, I am so grateful for the quick, correct and courteous service I receive every time from your Global Futures staff. Chad has helped me numerous times and Hector and [Duy] have helped as well. And now Laurent spent the last 30 minutes showing me exactly how to put different charts on my main computer screen and monitor. Thank you for hiring good people and training them so well.

-David B.

(I was looking for a new brokerage and I) found Global, from the first phone call to Eileen everything was handled very well. Every time I had any question Eileen guided me through...(I would like to) thank to your staff and especially Eileen.

-Carlo M.

I am very happy with GLOBAL FUTURES services, especially for the attention of Yendi Juarez; (she) is a great professional and does a magnificent job. (I will) recommend (Global Futures) to all my friends and acquaintances.

-Santiago M.

I have used Global Futures on and off as I have traded over the past 14 years. I have found their staff, specifically my brokers: Eileen and Yendi, and Zippy in the New Accounts Dept., to be exceptional! Zippy has been especially helpful with my particular situation and helping to establish and setup multiple accounts, linking and block trading. All of them are highly responsive to any needs, questions, phone calls, and emails I have sent, and have replied in a quick and informative manor. Highly recommend them!

-Joel D.

I would like to (to share) how wonderful Michelle Jimenez-Piemlarp has been in helping my IIB. She is a top notch very informative honest and responsive she is a great asset. I am looking to forward to a long and good relationship with her and Global.

-Gary F.

I worked with Joey yesterday and today for at least 4 hours... Joey is a real asset to Global Futures as he was very patient and really knows his craft. I wanted to tell you that I learned a lot while working with Joey the last few days and I wanted to share my feedback with you, as he deserves an A++ rating from me… I look forward to working with Joey in the future.

-Walt M.

Hector Hernandez just spent a good bit of time helping me... I have not used [this platform] before so I needed a lot of help... He was very patient and professional with his advice... You are lucky to have people like Hector working with you.

-R. Doss

My [broker] is Nick Iranossian, [and he is] always fast and full [of] answers for any questions or problems. It is easy to work with Nick and I [consider] his work [to be] excellent. Recommend.

-Denis P.

I appreciate your tech team which have shown respect and patience is helping and explaining tech issues to a rookie like me. Hector and Mel come to mind.

-Wally M.

Richard Kontra is a superb and most helpful broker. Richard is to be commended.

-D. Smith

I am… with Global Futures because of you [Rose]. I have never experienced such great customer service with any other future broker.

-Michael B.

In my humble opinion, [Global Futures'] customer service and Tech Support
staff are just EXCELLENT.

-A. Garg

A+ Service! My experience with Global Futures and especially my broker, Nick, has been superior. [Nick is] always quick to respond, helpful and [there is] never any pressure. Thanks for the experience.

-Tom B.

I have found Mason Ching and Global Futures great to work with. He is prompt to reply and really stays on top of things for me. I highly recommend him.

-Jeff C.

I just wanted to acknowledge and praise Joey for being an extremely courteous and capable employee. I certainly appreciate all of his valuable help.

-Dennis D.

I would recommend Global Futures to anyone wanting to trade futures and would HIGHLY recommend Nick Iranossian as their contact- he delivers superb customer service!

-Cindy S.

I have Received Excellent Customer Support from Nick Iranossian prior to submitting my application to open a new Trading account. Exchanged several email conversations with Nick and It seems to me that he is 100% Professional and Supportive. My experience with Global Futures is extremely positive. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people. Thank you once again Nick.

-Abul H.

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Please note: Testimonials regarding past performance are no guarantee of future results and may not be representative of the experience of all clients. This may not be representative of all clients. There is a substantial risk in trading futures, options, and forex.