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The eGlobalFX platform is a gateway to a wide range of tested Forex trading strategies. It enables automatic real-time execution, based on the trader's individually selected strategies.  The eGlobalFX platform uses cutting edge technology to provide traders with a user friendly interface, rich graphic indicators and robust execution. In addition, the platform offers innovative trading tools such as smart filters, T-Score and comprehensive, real-time strategy status cards, designed to assist traders in making educated trading decisions.

The Mirror Trading Concept

The eGlobalFX platform introduces Forex traders to the mirror trading concept, a new method in trading that enables traders to 'mirror' strategies developed by other experienced Forex traders. In order to start trading, the trader adds the selected strategies to their portfolio. The platform will automatically execute and manage orders according to specific parameters and conditions as dictated by the chosen strategy.

The Strategies

eGlobalFX cooperates with many experienced strategy developers and tests each strategy thoroughly prior to launch. The platform presents detailed performance data of each and every strategy, allowing the trader to make selections based on a thorough analysis and clear understanding. In addition, eGlobalFX has developed the T-Score which analyzes the strategy's performance data, while paying extra attention to risk and reward. A high T-Score indicates that the strategy is performing well under current market conditions.

Platform Advantages:

  • Mirrors experienced traders' strategies in real time
  • Advanced tools for selecting strategies according to a trader's preferences
  • T-Score – Indicates strategies' that perform well under current market conditions
  • Visual display of the strategies' performance
  • Automatic mirror trading and manual trading in one platform
  • Takes advantage of market situations around the clock

Key Features of the eGlobalFX Platform

  • Automated trade execution and management
  • Customize your own portfolio of strategies
  • View a backtested-based performance of your portfolio
  • Monitor all trades placed on your account
  • Select from over 40 forex systems
  • Pay no fees to system developers

Why use eGlobalFX?

eGlobalFX gives you the ability to identify potential improved returns, diversify from other investments, trade hands-free* and it provides you with risk-management options.

*Execution of trades are made based on signals created from the automated trading systems